All music and arrangements by Zyklon
All lyrics by Bård “Faust” Eithun

1. In Hindsight
2. Disintegrate
3. Ways Of The World
4. Subversive Faith
5. Cold Grave
6. Vile Ritual
7. Underdog
8. Wrenched
9. Vulture
10. Skinned & Endangered



In Hindsight

De-evolution for thousands of years
Consolidates all my fears
Ignoring the real issue
Stop bothering about pity human scar tissue

Diminish our earthly waste
finished in haste
Earth turned into a cold-blooded corporation
What about the future generations?

In hindsight we should be brave enough
to surrender and realise
that the consequences will be tough
and at the end our demise

What is it with our digital existence?
Why do we cling with such persistence?
Exploring alternative ways of living
a greater gift our world we are giving

We see in hindsight
That the future is not bright
Let the green militia reign
Our most important refrain


Conflict to the final end
Consider if you should function as a fraction
or drown in the attempt of making an action

Straight to hell and back,
being in the midst of a crowd
No wonder violence are back in rack
Better stand still or shout it out loud:

Disintegrate the different, it gives meaning in order
Cut off the radical, close any border
Fuck the controversial, could ideology ever be shorter?

Ever wondered how to reflect as an independent?
So, when did individualism become the crime?
An instruction should follow consequent
Hell, I am gonna make it all a fucking rhyme

So for now, close eyes and become the participated
Play the pity game
That’s why we will be the disintegrated
The rest of you; feel the shame

Disintegrate the different, it gives meaning in order
Cut off the radical, close any border
Fuck the controversial, could ideology ever be shorter?

Ways of the World

Lack of motivation? At every occasion
Tell me, did you earn your name?
So why did you reckon it would bring you fame?

Lack of understanding? It’s kind of demanding
So then, did you earn your respect?
I’d rather say you suffer from a defect

Condemn the free mind, salute conformity
For now, it will at least bring humility
For all what it’s worth – past glory
I bring no comfort

Lack of dedication? That’s why I’m on medication
Well, how did you ever earn your integrity?
You’re nothing but a failure in eternity

Lack of measures? I never found any treasures
Now, how did you get your crown?
For me it’ll represent the lake in which you’ll drown

Condemn the free mind, salute conformity
For now, at least it will bring humility
For all what it’s worth – final cut
I will keep my mouth shut

Subversive Faith

The man withdrew from the fire
with a twitch in his face
Hey, could you describe for me
your personal faith?

My request is inconclusive
The endeavours all lost
The efforts numerous
to heal it at any cost

I detest you my good man
for being so easily susceptible
Reckless as it may have been
passing on judgement as it would seem

Interfering with personal beliefs
Being a scholar among thieves
Hey man, one last chance;
speak the truth or hold up your hands

Subversive faith – blinded by fools
A demise that is far too late
All for a book that is nothing
but full of rules

A Cold Grave

A ferocious circle of fiends
A paragon to follow
A derisive laughter, created by winds
No wonder everyone thought it was hollow

A place for everything
Grace me with sleepless nights
A time for anything
Praise me with clear-cut fights

A dead end street
Shut your bedroom and block herein
Lift and uncover your sheet
Addictive like goddamn heroin

The chasm of reality
Sanctions through folly
Still no overdrive capacity
Never seen anything so holy

This is the night of the cold grave blues
Be sure it’s all wrapped well and tucked
I ain`t got no short fuse
Hell, this is when we’ll all be fucked

Vile Ritual

Recite the unspoken
A manifest of the Great Self
A solid faith in what you can accomplish
A supreme vision of capability

An arcane text
describing an outrageous test
Too bold the modern ones would say
You can always pray

A vile ritual bleeding
Like a spear of hate
Almost like the predator’s feeding
consolidating every man’s fate

Oh venerable ancestors
Please grant me with my pagan fest
I’m equal to my human contester
May it be a fight for all the best

Would the few of us ever accept
a moral that is slightly trite?
A sun that never sets
is still being bright


When telling the fable of men
The Demise of lies
Let the Underdog be the narrator
Behold the kingdom’s rise

Always being held down, the weaker part
You see, that’s the state of the art
Farther from truth, further from sight
So whoever yelled “might’s right”?

A glimmer from the past
the stronger can easily fabricate
A life ending so fast
Anything impious you’ll ever advocate

A glint of truth, a vision of rectitude
Whoever took that as bad attitude?
The Underdog will forever remain
the unofficial hero
Pictured in a golden covered frame


In the yard of the old man
The ruin’s shimmering
The world’s painted pale
The conditions are at stale

Flocks gathered from far away
Hiding, still overly aggressive
Generations they will slay
Not really regressive

A dead end cave
Home of the brave
The world fools no one
Grace me with hammering rest

Keep an eye on the sea
Imagine what we would be
Rushing to the shores
God of all damn wars

Wrenched beyond recognition
No such thing as
human intuition
Feel free to turn
the supreme ignition


Throbbing; The vast deceiver
Underdog, god of all men
Crushing; bone and skin
to the ground

Dying, but still vital
Where would it head me?
Fresh, yet rotten to the core
Would you ever join me?

Howling; heresy to the end
Tribe and unit; one of a kind
Searching; but nowhere to find
Does that make sense to you?

Walk alone or all fly
One watching the other die
Simple, cold and awaiting
You’ll never stop hating

Hell on earth
Was it what I wanted?
A peaceful mind
Rejoice with me

Vulture – may I take your shape?
Vulture – Tell me of my fate
Vulture – your kingdom come
Vulture – take me home

Skinned and Endangered

Pictures in motion
Full-on enslavement
A world of corrosion
No real fundament

Swallow everything
Ask no man
Digest and consume
A liar in costume

Shocking and gross
Real annihilation
Sorry for your loss
Cheap rotten animation

Portray the living
I fool no one
Only fucking observe
Just don’t bow down

Skinning culture alive
Living on a lie
Endangered, still breathing
Only parasites breeding